Most Beautiful Islands in Greece

It is remarkably difficult to distinguish the most beautiful islands in Greece and that’s because there are so many.  Some of the beaches have turquoise water, while some have green. Some beaches are plain sandy and others have pebbles. This difference is what makes each of them special on their own and you can’t help but enjoy a dive or two without ever feeling bored.

That said, when a country has so many pretty islands and so many beaches, it’s hard to select a few for your quest. However, seeing how tough the selection process is, we bring you six of the best islands and beaches in Greece.

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1. Corfu

Corfu is valued as one of the most gorgeous islands in Greece and if you combine its culture with its impressive landscapes and unique sights, you get a complete touring spot. Of course, apart from striking beaches, it has a bustling nightlife. What complements this island’s beauty if the emerald water with a lush green backdrop.

It is an island rich with Byzantine history and not to forget the infamous Greek mythology. Anyone who comes to see this island has the opportunity to experience a variety of different architectures that goes beyond Greek’s boundary. Another significant place in this Island is the Canal of Love aka Canal d ‘amour in Greek. Famous for its romantic appeal.

2. Zakynthos

The blue-green water of the gigantic Ionian Sea, the golden sand beaches that stretch over miles, exotic unoccupied islets, Fjords with spectacular blue caverns. What More do you expect from an Island? Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says, If these features don’t tantalize your senses to go and visit Zakynthos, you might as well want to stick to your smartphone world.

Navagio beach in Zakynthos is one such name that attracts tourists all across the globe. It’s such a unique spot created naturally that often people have a hard time believing its existence. It a major historical venue as well. In 1982, a Panayiotis ship was bringing cigarettes illegally but extreme weather condition and a not-working device caused it to crash. The shipwreck is now visible through the beach but to visit it, you’ll have go around the waters.

3. Mykonos

The most cosmopolitan island in Greece is notorious and enchanting. The alleyways or the maze of Chora consisting of white pathways will have you lost in no time. But, that should the least of concerns as the streets are flooded various shops and stores. So, being lost is a myth here.

Now coming to the main objective, beach. Mykonos’s beach is world famous as the Statue of Liberty in New York. The beach is the key factor that accelerated Greece’s tourism. It changed the island in many ways; it developed faster and turned into a cosmopolitan city lookalike. An element that drives more tourism.

4. Lefkada

The splendid Ionian island continues to fascinate every visitor. Emerald waters and wonderful fancy coasts make the visitor really admire Lefkada. If your sole purpose of the trip is to visit beaches then Egremni, Kathisma and Porto Katsiki beaches where you haul towards. All of them are surrounded by pristine greenish water, warm white sands, and cliffs that adds to the amazement of the beach. It’s the kind of beauty you’re less likely to find anywhere else. The same qualities contribute to it being a picturesque landscape. Diving and swimming comes complementary because honestly who wouldn’t want to submerge themselves in the waters of Greece.

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5. Crete

Crete is Greece’s most densely populated and largest island. A large number of hotels, shops, clubs, and restaurants keeps the place alive 24×7. For adventure seekers, the huge canyons, mountains, and beaches provide ample of extreme to moderate activities, for that little ounce of the adrenaline rush.

Experience a number of historical events and archaeological monuments. If so, begin your journey from Knossos. Elafonissi and Balos, tow of the major beaches in Crete renowned for their watery scenes that sort of gives a sorcery appeal is what fascinates people. It shouldn’t be left unvisited if you’re on Crete.

There are other many islands that least deserve a mention like Skiathos and Paros. According to Mohit bansal Chandigarh, If you’re planning a long vacation in Greece, definitely add these islands in your bucket list.

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