What is Portable AC. Good Portable AC brands in India

A Portable AC is an all in one AC which is best suited for single room use. They are easy to set up and are usually placed on the floor. This becomes idle for multiple room use as they are fitted with wheels, are lightweight and do not require permanent installation. They can be moved from one room to another.

Set up- The set up for a portable AC is rather simple and easy. All the ACs, by principle, pull in warm air and need to expel it out before pushing in cool air. SO, a PAC comes with a window vent which can be installed in the window of the room and can be easily shifted from one window to another. This function can be done manually in couple of minutes and PAC can be relocated in any indoor part of the home. Ease of the initial set up and maneuverability makes it one of the popular options apart from traditional window and split AC units.

Moisture removal- Every AC needs a process to remove excess moisture collected during cooling process. A PAC comes with option for the same depending on price and model one chooses. Basically, there are 3 major types of moisture removal options.

  • Fully self-evaporative- Advanced PAC units have a built in system for moisture evaporation along with warm air removal. This implies that consumers never have to deal with collected moisture
  • Gravity drain- This type of AC comes with a drain on which a pipe can be fitted to remove water into the drain. This also requires little to none hassle of moisture removal by the consumer.
  • Manual removal. This PAC has a section in the bottom of the unit to collect excess moisture that can be removed and thrown out periodically. The cycle to drain the moisture depends on usage, cooling required and general surroundings; it can be within a week or can hold moisture upto a month.

PAC size- The size required for the PAC is dependent on the room it operates in and is variable. The cooling power of a PAC is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit) and for an average bedroom, a PAC with the cooling of 7000 to 10000 BTU suffices. Various models are available in the market for different cooling requirements but the cooling principle remains the same.

Uses- Because of mobility and ease of operation, a PAC has many uses in both residential and commercial environments. It can be used in guest rooms or living room or garage etc where AC usage is minimum and window or split AC are higher in purchase and operation cost. In commercial set up, this type of AC can be put to use in server rooms, cold pantry, butchery, meeting rooms etc

Listed below are some of the popular brands for PAC in India.

  • Lloyd Portable AC– This is one of the popular brands in India for domestic AC. Lloyd PAC is fully automated unit which does not require any manual intervention
  • Honeywell PAC- Honeywell is best known for electrical products for an array of industries. Their PAC is idle for small household rooms and offices.
  • Sharp PAC- With its slim design, high cooling and fully automated set up, Sharp PAC is appropriate for fitting in clustered surrounding and still delivers powerful and effective cooling.
  • LG LP1213GXR- LG is amongst the most trusted consumer electronic brand in the country. Its PAC is packed with features that will make you forget its presence in the room.

Shinco PAC- This is a relatively little known brand but has a reputation for producing outstanding and quality products.

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