Various factors that make Eczema worse

Red skin, itching and rashes are its primary symptoms that can grow and spread on the skin if not treated on time. This skin condition is also common in people with sensitive skin and those who are exposed to heat and elements. It may be caused due to number of reasons like poor blood flow, allergy, consistent wet skin, dust pollution among others. Since the causes for the disease are not fully known thus the prevention methods are not specific. There are multiple types of Eczemas like atopic, contact, seborrhoeic, discoid etc and most of them are preventable with some of them curable.

Certain aspects of lifestyle can be looked into, like warm bath for couple of minutes every day, avoiding soaps while bathing as they tend to wash away all the necessary oils on the skin leaving it extremely dry and vulnerable to cracking. There are certain ways of managing the condition until it subsides. Applying moisturizers and creams can also be helpful. Leaving no exposed skin for ant contacts with exterior pollutants, use of clothing that are designed to manage itching, starching and peeling of skin. It is always advised to use natural remedies for treatment as there is no substantial side effect and is organic. Below are some of top reasons for worsening of Eczema.

  • Stress- Eczema Stress are related to each other.Day to day life in today’s world has become busy hectic and filled with a lot of things to do. This can cause a person to develop physiological stress over time. Stress has a bad effect in many medical conditions which includes Eczema. This is a primary reason of triggering of this skin condition and spread to other parts of the body. It can be dealt with meditation and yoga and it is always advisable to avoid stress at all the time.
  • Pollution- In past couple of centuries, rate of pollution has grown in multiple folds and is the primary reason for shortening human lifespan and extinction of number of species. Pollution is the main reason for many dermatological and respiratory diseases. It worsens any skin condition including Eczema. If the Eczema affected area is left exposed to air/water Bourne pollutants or dust, particles, it triggers the spread of the condition in an alarming rate.
  • Lifestyle- If a person fails to keep a healthy lifestyle, he is vulnerable to array of life threatening diseases. An unhealthy lifestyle includes untimely sleep & eating, smoking, excessive drinking, work-life imbalance, no exercise etc. This leaves body weak and can contract a large number of illnesses. Apart from that, it can also spread the medical conditions present already in the body. Eczema management fails if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained even if a person is on medication for it.
  • Hygiene– Basic hygiene is always advised to be kept always. It is the first defense against communicable diseases. One of the main reasons for Eczema spreading over one’s body is improper personal hygiene. A dirty hand, if used to touch or scratch the affected area on the body, can not only spread Eczema, but can also cause bacterial infection in the wound causing pus, pain, burning sensation and rapid spread of the condition.
  • Late or wrong medication– In most of rural and backward areas, this skin condition is treated with homemade medication which is strongly advised against. Medical treatment is also often delayed as this skin condition has symptoms of a skin allergy reaction. This should not be the case as early detection and proper medication increase the chances of the cure.

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