Importance of employee training

Training is the process of enhancing capabilities, and knowledge of employees for doing the job with perfection. Training moulds the thinking of employee and helps to give quality and productive output.  This procedure of gaining knowledge and improvement is never ending because every day we learn something new.

Importance of training

Training plays a very important role in organizational development and success. This is fruitful for both employees and the organization. The employee will become more productive and efficient if he is trained well.

Training is given on four basic levels

–    Training is given to the new employees to make them familiar with the working culture, organizational mission, vision, rules, and regulations.

–    Existing employees are trained to enhance their knowledge and make them familiar with the new updates.

–    If any sudden updates and changes take place ,employees are trained to cope up with those changes.

–    Training is given for promotion and career growth. This training is given so that employees are prepared to share the responsibilities of a higher level of job.

Benefits of training can be summed as

Fewer accidents

If employees are well trained then there are fewer chances of mishapening in the organization. And if in any case, something happens then employees are confident enough to handle the problem with the best possible outcome rather than blaming others for the loss.

Less supervision

Well trained employee will be well acquainted in his job and will lead to less supervision. Thus there will be less wastage of efforts and time.

Chance of promotion

Employees acquire efficiency and skills during training. Trained employees are more eligible for promotion and also became an asset for the organization.

Increased productivity-

Well trained employees shows both quality and quantity performance. Under the guidelines of well-trained employees, there are very fewer chances of resource wastage.

Ways and methods of training

On the job training-

This kind of training is given to employees on the basis of everyday working for the actual working scenario. This is the most simple and cost-effective method of saving resources. Both proficient and semi-proficient employees can be trained well by using such kind of training. Agenda of this training is “learning by doing.” You can opt for minute taking training before a meetings for your employees.

Off the job training

This kind of training is not provided in the actual working environment. It is mainly used to train new employees. Off job training is mainly delivered in workshops, conference, and seminars. This method is costly and only effective if a large number of employees are trained together through effective communication.

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