How To Make Wise Decision While Choosing a Tipster

Starting from the most obvious and outrages claims that aim to trick the unsuspecting visitors, there are NO “100% sure bets” or “fixed matches”! 

The people who have the power to fix a game will not share it with you!!!

The scammers will always benefit from people’s desire to earn easy money. As the old saying goes if something sound too good to be true, it most probably isn’t. 

Most of you know that the casinos make cash due to the simple fact odds are in their favour. Slot machines are giving back a previously selected percentage back (in different countries the legal percentage are different, but it’s between 80-95%), roulette pays 36/1 ( you will win $35 for every $ you bet ) while there are either 37 or 38 numbers on the board depending if you are playing European or American roulette, and Carribean poker is even worse. 

Bookies are the same; their sole aim is to give odds that don’t bring value to the customer.

The difference, however, is that there are such a vast amount of events that sometimes good bettors can find value. Numerous softwares allow you to track the odds of a specific game on literally hundreds of different bookmakers. Some tools will even highlight the moment when there is an arbitrage bet available.

*Arbitrage bet – to put it as simple as possible arbitrage betting is possible when you can cover all possible outcomes of a given game and get profit whatever the result is. 

Sample – Juventus vs Manchester United 

Bookmaker 1 is giving odds of 3.5 for over 36.5 free kicks ( this includes goal kicks and fouls ) 

Bookmaker 2 is giving odds of 1.5 for Under 36.5 free kicks. 

Here it is evident that there is an arbitrage bet available. You can use Pinnacle Calculator when needed but here if we bet :

$100 on 3.5 odds for over 36.5 Free kicks = $350 ( $250 Profit) and we bet $200 on 1.5 odds for under 36.5 Free kicks = $300 ($100 Profit )

You can see we are pretty much making a free bet that will bring us $350 on a total bet of $300 for a 50$ profit, or it will bring us $300 on $300 bet, so we are playing a freeroll.

The calculator will show us that if we bet $100 on 3.5 odds = $350 and $233.33 on 1.5 odds = $ 350. We will always be making a 16.66$ profit. 

In cases, like this bettors use another software that allows them to control hundreds of different account at the same time allowing them to bet a massive amount of money for a more significant 100% guaranteed profit.

That said, no real tipster will provide arbitrage tips as once they are made the odds change dramatically and they will want to make a profit from such a find. 

So when choosing your tipster, be wise to look at their history, track their free tips, look at their social media profiles, and if people are complaining. Keep a close eye if they are deleting messages, but more than anything talk to them and see how genuine they are. 

If you want to save all that hustle, you are recommended to give WhaleBets a try they are on the top of my list tipsters providing quality football betting tips.

Of course don’t take my words for granted, do your own research, keep track of their free tips and if you find them worthy drop them a line.

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