7 Effective Ways That Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight fast is probably one of the most looked queries on google and you can actually see a lot website tell various methods. While some do share good tips, others just follow the same crappy bollocks.

If you’re reading this, chances are your quest for weight loss remains unfulfilled. But worry not, for the methods we’re telling ain’t no metaphorical and they actually work. You’ll be thanking us later.

1.. Beware! What You’re Eating

It’s common knowledge, if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight naturally. Only, it’s not that simple because if it was, you and a lot others probably wouldn’t be reading about it.

So, you gotta track your diet and calculate your calorie consumption. If you’re unsure about it, visit a dietician.

2.. Go Vegan or Like Something That

Well, not exactly vegan. However, a study published that people who ate more vegetables, fruits and nuts and legumes have shown to lose weight faster compared to people on other diet plans.

Now all you gotta do is switch to vegetarian items rich in fibre and complex carbs as it will be tough to digest leading you to eat less and you know the drill, right?

3.. Sugary Drinks, the Arch Enemies

Alright, we know you guys love sodas, and honestly who doesn’t. The only problem here is, not everybody is wanting to lose weight. These drinks are loaded with sugar, plus our body doesn’t treat liquid calories same as other calories.

Thus, you will have craving to eat more and as a result more calorie consumption. Avoid any type of sugary drinks or beverages and if you do take em, keep a tab on your calorie consumption.

4.. The Substitute Food

Now, we’re talking. You want to eat, we understand and you don’t want to starve in order to lose weight, a totally cool. The only question how? It’s as simple as the day, you gotta switch some food items. Almost every food has a lower calorie substitute like sugar has honey and maple syrup.

Swapping ordinary rice with brown rice, use low fat skimmed milk, green tea instead of coffee or tea. Things like that and you’re all set.

5.. Do Some Lean Protein Meals

Body uses more energy to digest protein compared to carbs. But Protein comes with the fair share of fat upping the calorie count. Hence, it is suggested that you go for lean protein like fish, chicken breasts or even low fat dairy products can be beneficial.

P.S. Right type of protein can actually speed up the process of weight loss reasons why you would want to concentrate more on them.

6.. Avoid Wine or Similar Drinks

Alcoholic drinks like red wine are loaded with calories. Way more than a pizza or a ham sandwich. Shocked, right? 1 gram of red wine has upto seven calories while any type of protein or carb has upto 4 calories per gram.

You would want to tame your booze consumption if you want to lose weight for real. Plus, we know how much you eat after you get drunk, it’s better avoided for your own sake.

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7.. Work out! No, Seriously!

It’s cliche and you you could do it so simply, you would have lost weight. Totally understood. But diet alone can’t be responsible if your goal is to be that skinny mean machine within a couple of months.

When you exercise a proper diet and workout, you shed pounds quicker than without workout. Don’t do it much, just 15-30 minutes of walk or cardio or some minor push ups or crunches would do.

There you have it, the secret sauce to weight loss. Oh weight, did it rhyme? Anyway, you’ll also be needing a bit of dedication, dig deeper into your soul and be the change you want to see in yourself.

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